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  • My iPhone 4S now has 4G

    on Mar 7, 12 • in Life, Technology • with 2 Comments


    Wow! My new 4G on my iPhone 4S is blazing fast! Not really. The change to the 4G is something AT&T has been trying to obtain since the new radio debuted in the 4S back in October

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  • Reflection App Review

    on Feb 29, 12 • in Software Review, Technology • with No Comments


    The Reflection App uses Apple’s Air Play technology to mirror your iPhone 4s or iPad 2 screen wirelessly on a Mac running OS 10.6 or higher. Used in conjunction with screen capturing software the Reflection App is perfect for recording demos of Apps or helping out a friend with iOS features. A single License is $14.99 or $39.99 for 5 licenses

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  • 2012 MacWorld | iWorld Review: iPhone Tripod Mounts

    on Feb 12, 12 • in Software Review, Technology • with No Comments


    I went to MacWold | iWorld in search of a decent iPhone Tripod Mount.  There were many available to purchase, but two caught my eye during this year’s event. The first is the Glif from Studio Neat.  This particular mount fits very well with an iPhone 4 or 4S. Studio Neat has also designed the Serif, which adds much needed security to the mount. The Glif combo which includes the Glif and Serif is $30 or you can purchase the Glif by itself for $20. The next tripod mount is from i4Software. This mount was

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  • My iPhone 4S Purchase and AT&T Activation Lesson

    on Oct 18, 11 • in Life, Technology • with No Comments


    I wanted to be the first on the block to own an iPhone 4S. I waited 9 hours and 47 minutes the week prior to pre-order the latest and greatest iPhone. It wasn’t until the morning of October 12th that it shipped from China.  I tracked it landing in Alaska that very same day (actually gaining 7 hours). By Thursday it had landed in Louisville, Kentucky. By the time I had gone to bet Thursday night, it had traveled to Salt Lake City, UT. I went to bed feeling knowing that it would arrive in

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