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  • Life: Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case (Black)

    on Sep 18, 14 • in Life, Technology • with No Comments


    My new iPhone 6 case arrived a day before my actual iPhone. Here are three shots of the actual case compared to my iPhone 5 size. The iPhone 6 appears to not be much bigger than my iPhone 5, which is why I went with the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 also looks based on the case to fit my hand better. If I had my way I would rather have a smaller sized iPhone

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  • Life: iPhone 6 Pre-Order Meltdown

    on Sep 12, 14 • in Life, Technology • with No Comments


    Let me first state that I live a privileged life compared to most of the world and not being able to order a $1,000 product from a $2,000 product via $50 a month Internet access is really unimportant, however here I am. It was 1:01am and I hit the refresh screen on the famous Apple Online Store screen, “We’ll Be Back Soon” and the Apple Online Store was still not back. I was also prepared to order my iPhone 6 via my cellular provider T-Mobile and hit refresh on their store and nothing. Then

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  • iOS 6.1: Apple ID Security

    on Jan 28, 13 • in Software Review, Technology • with No Comments


    The latest version of iOS, iOS 6.1 is out and ready for download. It includes a list of new improvements and bug fixes. I completed an “over the air” update.  After rebooting from the update and clicking through a number of screens the following appeared: I am not sure if this was related to iCloud, but because I had iCloud set up on my iPhone I proceeded to set three security questions and answers to the questions.  I was then prompted to add a recovery email.  The email was sent to the email address

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  • My Mountian Lion Review

    on Jul 27, 12 • in Software Review, Technology • with No Comments

    Mountain Lion

    I know you all have been waiting with anticipation of my review of Mountain Lion (‘ML’). I installed it first late Wednesday night on my MacBook Air. I did a simple update from Lion to Mountain Lion with my MacBook Air. The upgrade was simple and took very little time. Updates of Apple Programs actually took longer than upgrading to ML. I downloaded about 15GB worth of updates which included both ML and Lion. I created a USB boot drive for both Operating Systems. I now have Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion if

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