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  • How to Remove Devices from the List of iMessage Text Forwarding

    on Dec 31, 15 • in Helpful How To, Technology • with No Comments


    After selling my iMac and buying a MacBook Pro recently, I was left with the iMac as a device on my iPhone to forward  text messages in iMessage. I could turn it off, but I couldn’t find a way to remove it from the list of devices. I tried signing out of iCloud and deleting the device from the web interface of iCloud, but neither resolved my issue.  After searching Google (as one does) I found an article from MacWorld by Glenn Fleishman.  It required changing your iCloud (or Apple ID) password.  But there’s an

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  • Life: Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case (Black)

    on Sep 18, 14 • in Life, Technology • with No Comments


    My new iPhone 6 case arrived a day before my actual iPhone. Here are three shots of the actual case compared to my iPhone 5 size. The iPhone 6 appears to not be much bigger than my iPhone 5, which is why I went with the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 also looks based on the case to fit my hand better. If I had my way I would rather have a smaller sized iPhone

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  • Life: iPhone 6 Pre-Order Meltdown

    on Sep 12, 14 • in Life, Technology • with No Comments


    Let me first state that I live a privileged life compared to most of the world and not being able to order a $1,000 product from a $2,000 product via $50 a month Internet access is really unimportant, however here I am. It was 1:01am and I hit the refresh screen on the famous Apple Online Store screen, “We’ll Be Back Soon” and the Apple Online Store was still not back. I was also prepared to order my iPhone 6 via my cellular provider T-Mobile and hit refresh on their store and nothing. Then

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  • iOS 6.1: Apple ID Security

    on Jan 28, 13 • in Software Review, Technology • with No Comments


    The latest version of iOS, iOS 6.1 is out and ready for download. It includes a list of new improvements and bug fixes. I completed an “over the air” update.  After rebooting from the update and clicking through a number of screens the following appeared: I am not sure if this was related to iCloud, but because I had iCloud set up on my iPhone I proceeded to set three security questions and answers to the questions.  I was then prompted to add a recovery email.  The email was sent to the email address

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