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  • Life: MoviePass

    on May 19, 14 • in Life, Software Review, Technology • with No Comments


    What is MoviePass? MoviePass is a subscription service that allows subscribers to see a movie every 24 hours for a monthly fee. I subscribed for one full year and I saw 67 movies. My monthly subscription price was $35 a month, but I was able to get the first month at the introductory price of $20. I spent a total of $405 or $6.05 a showing. How does it work? MoviePass subscription works similar to a Gym membership. After the 30-day contract free introductory period, customers agree an annual contract, that if terminated before the

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  • Life: Weird Apple Airport Network Issue

    on Feb 15, 14 • in Life, Technology • with No Comments

    AirPort Utility

    Tonight the wife can’t connect the Apple TV to iTunes residing on the iMac. So I go through the usual steps, restart iTunes on iMac, no dice, restart the Apple TV, no dice, restart iMac, no dice, reset all settings on Apple TV, no dice. Check if I can connect with the other Apple TV in the other part of the house and no issues. I also discover that I can’t connect to the wife’s MacBook Pro via screen sharing on the iMac, but can with our MacBook Air. I can all control her Apple

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  • Life: The “New” Gmail

    on May 30, 13 • in Life, Technology • with No Comments


    Google announced changes its Gmail service on May 29, calling it “A new inbox that puts you back in control.”  The announcement stated that the roll out would happen slowly over time, but users could “check gear menu and select Configure inbox when it appears in the Settings options“.  I kept checking periodically over yesterday and today I finally noticed the option to configure the inbox was available. Amongst the changes is the ability to set category tabs for your email between Primary, Social, Updates, Promotions and Forums. They also announced that in the coming

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  • UP by Jawbone

    on Jan 24, 13 • in Life, Software Review, Technology • with No Comments


    As part of my wanting to become more fit over the past few months I decided I wanted to track how well I was doing with accomplishing my goals. Up until now I could track my weight and calorie intake with the My Fitness Pal iOS App. This provides the basics, but I wanted a little more. I took some time to research and came across several fitness wristbands.  I ultimately decided on the UP by Jawbone with MotionX. The UP by Jawbone is a wristband that tracks your movement and sleep, which you then

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