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  • Helpful How To: Backing up and/or Syncing iPhone Contacts to Gmail

    on Jun 3, 13 • in Helpful How To, Technology • with 1 Comment


    I use my iPhone as the source of my contact information. When I input a new contact on my iPhone it syncs to iCloud and is made available on all my devices that connect to iCloud. For example when I save a contact on my iPhone, that contact is now available within the Contacts App on my iMac. It is also available to me via the web interface at   In addition to iCloud I use Gmail as a secondary email account. What I have found over time is if I wanted to create an

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  • Quick Tip: Cursor Size

    on Feb 5, 13 • in Helpful How To, Podcasts, Technology • with No Comments


    In this quick tip I explain how to change your cursor size in OS

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  • Helpful How To: My Gmail iOS IMAP Solution

    on Jan 23, 13 • in Helpful How To, Technology • with 1 Comment


    I started using Gmail full time about a year ago. I decided to use Gmail over iCloud for many different reasons but the main reasons were as follows: I used my iCloud email account as my main account and managed email with Gmail. This was a result of having an iCloud email address that I wanted versus not having Gmail address I wanted. Unfortunately I wanted was not available when I received my Gmail beta invite so many years ago. Before I move on, here is a brief explanation of how I managed email

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  • Redeeming iTunes Giftcards with a FaceTime Camera

    on Jan 1, 13 • in Helpful How To, Software Review, Technology • with No Comments


    I purchased some iTunes gift cards this afternoon and took advantage of my Mac’s FaceTime Camera to redeem the cards via iTunes 11. Here is a quick 20 second video of the process. For full instructions visit Apple’s support page at The nice thing is that if you can’t miss type a number or letter. I redeemed three $10 cards. So far I this is the only new feature of iTunes 11 I like thus far

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