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  • Regain Access to the Previous Version of Disk Utility in El Capitan

    on Jan 4, 16 • in Helpful How To, Technology • with No Comments


    Do you miss the interface and features of Disk Utility prior to OS X El Capitan? Well, I found a way to get back to it (sort of), but it was by dumb luck. While trying to fix my install of OS X El Capitan. I had erased the hard drive using Disk Utility via the Recover Partition. I then decided to reboot, which of course did not bring up an OS. I then attempted to boot into the Recovery Partition (CMD + R) again. Upon the successful reboot I was in a version of

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  • How to Remove Devices from the List of iMessage Text Forwarding

    on Dec 31, 15 • in Helpful How To, Technology • with No Comments


    After selling my iMac and buying a MacBook Pro recently, I was left with the iMac as a device on my iPhone to forward  text messages in iMessage. I could turn it off, but I couldn’t find a way to remove it from the list of devices. I tried signing out of iCloud and deleting the device from the web interface of iCloud, but neither resolved my issue.  After searching Google (as one does) I found an article from MacWorld by Glenn Fleishman.  It required changing your iCloud (or Apple ID) password.  But there’s an

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  • Life: My Weight Loss Attitude

    on May 27, 14 • in Helpful How To, Life • with No Comments

    Lost Weight

    It’s been nearly 18 months since I made the healthy decision to lose weight. I am down nearly 60 pounds and have been able to stay within five to ten pounds of my goal weight since reaching it back in July 2013. By no means am I a health expert, but as I am often asked “how I did it” I thought I would provide insight into my weight loss attitude. Motivation The first thing is losing weight is about being healthy so you have to find what motivates you to get healthy. For me

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  • Helpful How To: Backing up and/or Syncing iPhone Contacts to Gmail

    on Jun 3, 13 • in Helpful How To, Technology • with 1 Comment


    I use my iPhone as the source of my contact information. When I input a new contact on my iPhone it syncs to iCloud and is made available on all my devices that connect to iCloud. For example when I save a contact on my iPhone, that contact is now available within the Contacts App on my iMac. It is also available to me via the web interface at   In addition to iCloud I use Gmail as a secondary email account. What I have found over time is if I wanted to create an

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